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Athula Fusion Foods

As a boy growing up in Sri Lanka off the southern coast of India I used to watch as my grandmother gather fresh ingredients from our garden every day to make simple, delicious dishes for our family.  Everyone in the village grew their own food – garlic, red onions, coconuts, chilli and lemons – on small farms or in their own back gardens. Rice was harvested twice a year – the children would help to beat off the husks by hand before it was stored indoors. Everything the family ate was fresh and natural which I believe is the essence of good, healthy food.

My mother and grandmother would create mouth watering lunimaris a traditional Sri Lankan paste at our kitchen table. The ingredients chili, lemon, garlic, spices were stone ground on a Mirisgala , a traditional grinding stone, into a paste to be served with rice or roti, a flatbread which can be flavoured with chili or coconut.

About the Production

We purchase our ingredients from local suppliers as much as possible, we also have contacts in many countries that make it easier to find real, quality, ingredients. We give our customers a sense of security, dependability, and consistency through our services, especially for contract manufacturing. Our site is a gluten-free, Nut free, Sesame Seed and Peanut free environment.

We have the perfect facilities for small and medium production. We can produce around 100-300litres at a time and over 1500-2500 units per day( According to volume size). The production line is fully set equipped with filling, capping, labeling machines, and case packing.

Athula’s new Fusion Sauce Range

The compliments from my customer’s inspired me to take the next step and produce my range of fusion sauces for the Irish market. I’ve invested 27 years in perfecting my recipes and at this stage, I am excited to bring their flavors to your table. My sauces can be enjoyed in a variety of dishes, such as chicken, duck, fish and vegetables, to quickly and easily, create an authentic and delicious meal. All this is done without compromising my commitment to using fresh and natural ingredients. Back in sunny Sri Lanka, I now have a farm where I grow a whole range of spices along with coconut and lemon trees. In time, as my range grows and develops, I intend to use this produce to make my sauces together with Irish herbs and spices sourced locally. 

My promise is to deliver a range of great tasting fusion sauces blended with expertise using fresh and natural ingredients, at a fair price! Athula’s Food Ltd will use the highest industry standards and will be environmentally friendly. My grandmother, (who by the way, lived to be almost 100 years old), would be so proud to see her authentic recipes and expertise brought to life far, far from her village in Sri Lanka and onto the Irish table.