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Introducing world class Ceylon Tea with Chelcey..

The Chelcey tea Provides a range of tea suited to every drinker’s palate. The “Je ne sais quoits” factor of Chelcey tea indulges the perfect blend of distinctiveness and orientalism. As one of the prime commodities in the export mix, Ceylon Tea itself has gained sufficient recognition,
Chelcey Tea is now raising the yardsticks by entering markets of great demand and where the true value of Ceylon Tea will be embraced. Introducing a range of ready to drink and packed tea with fruit and spice flavors. Pure Ceylon Spices and tropical fruits would unequivocally lead to an unforeseen era of tea blends. The Chelcey Tea range has proven to be the best in its piquancy and redolence. The perfect Cup of tea to calm you down.

Chelcey Tea on Irish Market