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Athula's Italian Sauce Range

We keep the genuine Italian regional cuisine by making our recipes from scratch in a true artisan fashion. ”Everything in my restaurant was used fresh and natural, which I believe is the essence of good, healthy food”. That is not his only secret. Chef Athula traveled around the world to hone his craft and bring life to his products with their flavours. Now our Italian sauce range, infused with asian flavours, provides a unique dish made especially for you.

Athula's Pasta Sauce

Athula’s Pasta sauces are restaurant-styled Tomato Pasta sauce.  All of our Ingredients are fresh and natural. Athula grantees his sauce uses a lot of tomato, garlic herbs, and rapeseed oil. All of our food products are 100% Gluten free and suitable for vegetarians, and infused with whole cumin seed that make you enjoy the aromatic flavor on your dish. We use all of the ingredients to make a unique delicious flavor straight to your plate

Ingredients: Tomato(39%), Water, Onion(12%), Tomato Puree(5%), Rapeseed Oil, Garlic(2%), Maize Flour, Vinegar, Sugar, Salt, Cumin (1%), Dried Herbs And Spices, Chili Powder

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Athula's Bolognese Sauce

Chef Athula always gives his priority to the flavors whenever he made his dishes in the hotel. Now that he works with his company, that same attention hasn’t changed. His Bolognese sauce is cooked with lot of Tomatoes, Garlic, carrot, onion, and herbs bring a well balance of flavors. The sauce, as always, is 100% Gluten free, vegetarian, and also suitable for vegans. Bolognese sauce is made specifically for minced meats, but it’s perfect with meatballs or Shepherd’s pie. Athula hasn’t forgotten a touch of Asian flavor, by adding hint of chilli that gives  your dishes small kick   

Ingredients: Tomato (43%), Water, Tomato Puree(6%), Onion, Rapeseed Oil, Maize Flour, Garlic(2%), Salt, Sugar, Vinegar, Carrot, Dried Herbs And Spices, Chili Powder(1%). >

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