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Athula's SrilankanCurry Sauce

I used to watch as my grandmother gather fresh ingredients from our garden every day to make simple, delicious dishes for our family. Everything the family ate was fresh and natural which I believe is the essence of good, healthy food.

Athula Foods are proud to say we have our own farm back in Sri Lanka where our curry’s spices are growing. That doesn’t satisfy Chef Athula though, he does his own spice blending here in Ireland to ensure the freshness of our products.
We promise to bring Athula’s Grandma’s authentic recipes to you with our Sri Lankan Curry sauce range.

SL Black Curry Sauce

Sri Lankan Traditional Black curry

The Sri Lankan delicious black curry. It is a truly flavorful dish— which in every family has its own generational recipe. This recipe is not one you learn overnight. It is, however, worthy of the time and effort you would have put in to prepare it. Its spiciness comes from the black pepper and its black color from the roasted curry powder. It goes with any meat, fish, and even vegetables to make a 100% vegan-friendly curry

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SL Yellow Curry Sauce

Sri Lankan Kiri hodi with mango (Coconut milk curry with mango)

Kiri hodi is a popular and traditional coconut milk gravy from Sri Lanka. Made using a few basic ingredients, this dish is traditionally served hot. Vegetables and fish can be added to the sauce to make a more substantial curry dish. Chef Athula has infused this Curry with a mango twist to create an all-new flavor for you to enjoy, have it with fish or meat. You can even make it with vegetables to make a 100% vegan-friendly curry

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SL Brown Curry Sauce

Authentic Sri Lankan Roasted Spice Curry with Coconut Milk

Chef Athula once again rips from his Grandma’s cookbook. Producing her chicken curry here in Ireland.
-“Roasting spices is a skill and it’s time-consuming, and it can be difficult to do. But the flavor and aroma are just beautiful.”-
Typically used for meat, poultry, and some fruit dishes, roasted curry powder — badupa thuna paha kudu — means “roasted three-five” in Sinhala. Cumin, Fennel, and Coriander are considered “the essential three spice seeds,” combined with coconut milk. if you like a healthy delicious dish you definitely have to try this 100% vegan-friendly curry.

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