Athula’s secret ingredient.
Lot of lemon juice is used to grind chilli, garlic and onion
combined with
Made with bird eye chilli
but Athula’s simple family recipe
is infused with Irish herbs.

Athula Fusion Foods

"The compliments from my customer’s inspired me to take the next step and produce my range of fusion sauces for the Irish market. I’ve invested 27 years in perfecting my recipes and at this stage, I am excited to bring their flavours to your table. My sauces can be enjoyed in a variety of dishes, such as chicken, duck, fish and vegetables, to quickly and easily, create an authentic and delicious meal. All this is done without compromising my commitment to using fresh and natural ingredients."


Fusion Foods

Athula Fusion Foods is a multi-award-winning family business based in Cork, Ireland. Athula’s peri-peri sauces range is the very first from Athula Fusion Foods and provides a variety of different flavours to complement any dish. Made with birdseye chilli and infused with fresh Irish herbs, lemon juice is used alongside ground chilli, garlic and onion combined with Athula’s secret ingredient.

Sauce Ranges

Now you can find Athula's products in a range of sizes and flavours, which is expanding day by day. One of our main goals is to provide more product options for all our customers while prioritizing customer satisfaction towards Athula's finest quality food products.

Athula's Recipes

Here are some amazing recipes to try out!