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Athula’s Chicken Deviled Recipe launched at the Cork Summer show 2023


Perp time 20mint

Cooking time 15 minutes

Total time 35mint

Course Appetizer, Bite, Side Dish

Cuisine  Sri Lankan


  •  2 Chicken breast

  • 1  Big Onions

  • 2 Capsicum

  • 2 Tomatoes

  • 2 Green Chilli

  • Lime juice

  • Garlic Ginger paste

  • Curry leaves

  • 3 tsp Athula’s  Devel  sauce

  • 3 tsp Athula’s  Tomato ketchup

  • Salt

  • 2 tsp Pepper


  1. Cut vegetables.

  2. Cut chicken into medium pieces.

  3. Add half of the chili sauce, tomato sauce, and salt to the chicken.

  4. Mix well and place it aside for 15 min.

  5. After that, fry the chicken until golden brown color.

  6. Then take another pot and add oil.

  7. Then add ginger and garlic paste.

  8. Now add capsicum, onion, curry leaves, and green chilies.

  9. Cook until it is half-boiled.

  10. Then add pepper powder and salt.

  11. Mix well together.

  12. Then add fried chicken to the spice mixture.

  13. Now add the rest of the chili sauce, tomato sauce, and soy sauce.

  14. Then mix well and add tomatoes.

Serve with rice or Roti

Athula Devilled Hot Sauce 200g

Hot range sauces are a blend of authentic Sri Lankan flavors with a base of fresh hot chili, blended and infused with ripped pineapples. This recipe is developed from a traditional Sri Lankan recipe to suit the taste of the European market

Ingredients: Chili(25%), Spirit Vinegar, Tomato, Tomato Puree, Water, Sugar, Pineapple(3%), Salt, Rapeseed Oil, Onion, Ginger, Garlic, Pandan, Curry Leaf

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Athula Tomato Ketchup 200g

Athula Tomato Ketchup is flavored with Sri Lankan spices as it has continued through the Silk Road since ancient times. Athula Tomato Ketchup is sweet, acidic, mildly spicy, and fragrant with a thick, pourable texture. This delicious Ketchup goes excellent with various foods.

Ingredients: Tomato(49%), Tomato Puree(17%), Brown Sugar, Distilled Vinegar, Water, Tamarind, Garlic, Salt, Sunflower Oil, Cinnamon, Cloves, Dried Paprika, Chili Powder

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